Blackhead removal videos may be satisfying to watch on the Internet, but nothing is satisfying about looking in the mirror and seeing your own blackheads staring back at you. Blackheads are little skin lesions where skin oil (sebum) builds up and traps dead skin cells, dirt, debris, and bacteria. Picture your pore; this hollow-ish microscopic cave in your skin allows sweat to escape. When that little cave gets filled with oil, dirt, and bacteria, it will push the debris through the skin’s surface. They oxidize and turn black as they come in contact with the air. The result is a tiny blackhead or cluster of blackheads. 

You can get blackheads in a variety of places on the body. Most commonly, blackheads are found on the nose, chin, and forehead. Typically, very oily places. However, blackheads can form in your armpits or even on your back. Acne-prone individuals and those with oily skin are more likely to encounter blackheads, but they can happen to anyone with any skin type. 

Removing Blackheads

The good news is that you can deploy plenty of treatment options to banish blackheads and pave the way for clearer, blemish-free skin. 

Grab Salicylic Acid – This handy over-the-counter treatment effectively breaks down dead skin cells before they try to clog your pores. You can check your skin cleanser for this ingredient or purchase a salicylic acid targeted treatment gel. 

Spruce Up After Exercise – If you’ve conquered a vigorous workout, you probably built up a healthy sweat. Do you know what can contribute to blackheads? Too much sweat. So, after your workout, clean your skin thoroughly. 

Rely on Topical Retinoids – Retinoid creams are fantastic. Not only are they great for an anti-aging skincare routine, but retinoids also contain vitamin A, which can unclog your pores while helping your body with sin cell regeneration. Retinoids can also make over-the-counter treatment products more effective. 

Exfoliate – In addition to cleansing, you will want to ensure you are properly exfoliating your skin. Whether you use a dry brushing method or have exfoliating lotions or gels, removing dead skin is essential to a blackhead-free complexion. Aim to exfoliate several times a week for best results. 

Pore Strips – Use these sparingly, but they can be effective in a pinch. Poor strips remove dirt and oil with an adhesive and cationic adhesive polymer. 

Chemical Peels – By removing the top layer of your skin and nourishing the remaining layers with precise skincare products, you can reduce the occurrence of blackheads. Chemical peels are also effective acne treatments as well. 

Put on a Mask – Charcoal and clay masks extract dirt, oil, and other skin impurities to promote healthy, clean, blackhead-free skin. Plus, facial masks are relaxing and can relieve stress and anxiety. Want a more natural option? You can try an oatmeal mask to nourish your skin and reduce inflammation. 

Extraction – Calling Dr. Pimple Popper! No, really, if all else fails, you can resort to extraction, where a professional uses sterile tools to safely and effectively remove blackheads from your skin. You do not want to extract at home, on your own, because you could cause a skin infection or scarring if you squeeze, dig, or try to pop a blackhead. Avoid those at-home suction tools, too, for similar reasons. 

Comprehensive Treatment – If you have acne and blackheads and are looking for ways to combat both, perhaps try the Forever Clear BBL™ treatment. Without using creams or medicine, Forever Clear BBL™ is an innovative acne treatment that uses the energy of light to remove acne. It uses a combination of three different intense lights to eliminate bacteria that cause acne. This happens deep inside the pores, helping to ease inflammation and redness from acne and giving you healthy, glowing skin, all while starting the body’s natural healing process. A series of treatments is recommended for maximum results. 

Preventing Blackheads

Now that you know many new ways to remove blackheads, how about we share a few tips on blackhead prevention? You can do several things to reduce your risk of developing blackheads.

Clean Your Skin – A good skincare routine involves a facial cleanser. We’re not talking about a splash of water and a drop of soap. Nope. Instead, invest in a facial cleanser formulated for your skin type. You may want to choose one with alpha or beta hydroxy acid. Wash your face in the morning and before bedtime for the best results. When you wash away the dirt, dust, and grime from your face, they can’t find their way into your open pores. 

Remove Your Makeup Properly – Don’t reach for the makeup remover wipe and jump into bed. Instead, make sure you are removing your makeup correctly. This may mean cleansing more than once to get all your makeup off your skin. Also, do not sleep with your makeup on. This can clog your pores and promote the formation of blackheads. 

Change Your Pillowcase Often – Even if you religiously cleanse your face before bed, you may still bring some dirt or debris onto your pillowcase from your hair or sweat when you sleep. Change your pillowcase at least once a week to prevent sweat, oil, or dirt buildup. 

Skip Self-Tanning – If you have skin prone to blackheads, you may want to skip self-tanning. First, skip tanning because you do not want to age your skin prematurely or suffer from extensive sun damage. As for the self-tanner, while safe, it can actually increase the appearance of existing blackheads. Not necessarily the results you had in mind. 

Wash and Sanitize your Phone – Unless you use a hands-free device or speakerphone, you are probably resting your cell phone against your cheek when making or receiving a call. Think about all the items you touch in a single day. Now, consider how often you touch your phone. Yeah. Invest in sanitizing wipes and wipe your phone down a few times daily. 

Use Noncomedogenic Products – It is a mouthful, but the short of it is that these are products specifically designed not to clog pores. Please read the labels of your favorite cosmetics and skin products to determine whether they are noncomedogenic. 

Where to Start

If you suffer from acne or blackheads and you want to find the solution that will work best for your skin type, consider booking a consultation with the knowledgeable team at First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic. The highly trained staff can help assess your skin’s condition and determine the best products and treatment options to get you the skincare results you dream of. Maybe you’re using the wrong type of cleanser or could use more information about face masks or chemical peels. No question goes unanswered at First Impressions. Book your consultation today so you can look and feel your best tomorrow.


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