First Impressions is Nurse Practitioner (NP) owned and operated, founded on the principles of helping people maximize their overall health and well-being.  Since the beginning of her healthcare practice, Deborah Hart MN NP has always been interested in preventative medicine with the belief that an essential foundation for maintaining vitality as we age includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, a balanced lifestyle, and a good skincare regime.

Having been approached multiple times in the Primary Health Care/Family Practice Clinic, with cosmetic concerns for varicose vein treatments, acne scarring, and other medical aesthetic concerns such as wrinkles, skin volume loss, and blemishes, Deborah realized options for clinics offering these treatments were limited.  As a professional whose goals are to increase access to care and enhance each individual’s optimal level of well-being, a need was recognized and the practice of aesthetic medicine was a natural evolution. 

Deborah’s goal was realized only after completing advanced education in sclerotherapy (vein treatment) and medical aesthetics under world-renowned physician instruction. She became a member of the Canadian Association of Medical Spas & Aesthetic Surgeons and the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine. She worked closely with The College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia to ensure competency and obtain the license to practice medical aesthetics and sclerotherapy in NS in addition to her Primary Health Care/Family Practice.

Our Mission

First Impressions is committed to providing a professional environment and the ultimate experience in rejuvenation and well being. Excellence in services, standards, policies, procedures, and practices to guide informed decisions are the foundation of the services provided. First Impressions is committed to providing an individualized aesthetic experience and ensures continued exceptional service. Offering professional services and high-quality medical-grade products, First Impressions strives to address and improve your skin’s concerns, enhancing your self-image and self-esteem, by restoring, revitalizing and rejuvenating your skin’s appearance, health and function. At First Impressions, we believe in being well trained in advanced, safe, and effective medical aesthetic treatments to ensure we remain experts of your care.