What is the diVa™?

Women’s bodies change with age, but additional decline in feminine health may be caused by two major events in a woman’s life such as childbirth and menopause. The diVa™ utilizes the world’s first and only revolutionary hybrid fractional laser (HFL) technology. Its unique design delivers two laser wavelengths, firing simultaneously, for a synergistic effect. The laser is able to repair and restore vaginal tissue to improve your pelvic health.

Who is Diva recommended for?


The diVa™ laser is for women of all ages that struggle with intimate health concerns. Whether a woman has delivered a baby or is struggling through menopause, it creates life-changing results. Every woman is unique and so are her gynecological health needs. The trusted staff at First Impressions Clinic specializes in working with women to create a customized treatment plan to attain desired goals.

Those looking to:

  • Improve bladder control and reduce leakage
  • Improve sensation
  • Increase natural moisture
  • Regain tissue’s pH balance for health, comfort, and prevention of recurrent infections
  • Shrink and tighten stretched tissues

What will I experience during the diVa™ procedure?

A disposable dilator is used during the procedure. This allows for comfort while permitting the diVa’s precision laser beam to be positioned accurately within the stationary dilator. It is a quick 3-5 minute procedure.

*Please keep in mind that every patient is unique and your results for each treatment may vary.

 The patient’s point of view:

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