A little bit of laughter. A forceful cough or sneeze. A jump with excitement. These are all precursors to the dreaded feeling of urinary incontinence. And if you’re not covered, you’re excusing yourself to go to the bathroom to take care of things. 

Urinary incontinence is very common in postpartum and menopausal women but can happen at any age. Stress incontinence occurs with sudden pressure on the bladder and urethra, causing the muscle inside the urethra to briefly open, allowing urine to escape. It is important to note that mild stress incontinence can progress toward moderate or severe cases. This may happen if you gain a lot of weight (or don’t lose excess weight). Your symptoms can worsen when you don’t take the necessary steps to handle this condition.

How does muscle weakness happen? Underlying conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and some neurological conditions can contribute to muscle weakness throughout the body (including the essential pelvic floor). Two main muscles come together to form your pelvic floor. But these muscles also contain separate muscle components. So, if one small part of the muscle is weak, the entire pelvic floor is compromised. 

Muscle weakness can also occur after a surgical procedure or childbirth. Once you’ve identified that you are experiencing an issue, you will want to speak to your practitioner. When you first mention urinary incontinence to your practitioner, they’re bound to encourage you to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. You may hear mentions of Kegel exercises. While there are numerous exercises that you can do to address the underlying issue, what if there was another way? And no, we’re not talking about surgery or medications. We’re talking about a safe, effective, easy, and non-invasive treatment option. 

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor with the Starformer® Treatment

The Starformer® IntimaWave Treatment uses non-invasive HITS™ (high-intensity Telsa magnetic stimulation technology) to precisely target muscle tissues and to help strengthen, firm, and tone your pelvic floor muscles to effectively treat urinary incontinence as well as additional intimate conditions. Fast, effective treatment without effort. 

Treatment is so non-invasive that you do not have to remove your clothes for treatment. The IntimaWave® is gentle and fast. Simply sit on a comfortable IntimaWave® chair with built-in magnetic applicators that stimulate muscle contraction in the entire pelvic floor area, strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

The generated magnetic pulses will pass through your clothing, skin, and bone to target hard-to-reach tissue. You know, those muscle components that make up your pelvic floor. There is nothing you need to do to prepare for treatment. It is safe and effective, and there are no known side effects. The Starformer® Treatment can be uniquely tailored to your individual needs. Your practitioner can help determine the best energy level for your targeted treatment. 

The Starformer® Treatment May Be Right for You If:

The Starformer® Treatment may be right for you if you’ve noticed you’re experiencing poor bladder control and unexpected leakage. This could be due to stress incontinence (sneezing, laughing, sudden movements that stimulate urine to pass through) or other underlying causes. But that’s not all. 

In addition to helping strengthen your pelvic floor, this treatment is a good fit for you if you are looking for a non-evasive way to shrink and tighten stretched tissues and regain the tissue’s pH balance for health and comfort. 

Are you suffering from reduced sensation? The Starformer® Treatment could be the answer! Let’s not forget about decreased moisture. This treatment may also serve as a natural catalyst for increased moisture. 

Beyond the practical benefits, you may also be looking for a pelvic floor solution that isn’t as time-consuming as a rigid physical therapy routine. Additionally, if you want a solution that has no downtime, is a walk-in/walk-out procedure, and has no known risk factors, this treatment could change your life. 

A Treatment for All

Contrary to popular belief, urinary incontinence does not just impact women. Men may experience this condition as well. Men who undergo a radial prostatectomy may experience bladder issues. The StarFormer® Treatment may also treat erectile dysfunction and even fecal incontinence. 

What to Expect

After a comprehensive consultation regarding your pelvic floor wellness needs, you will be ushered into the welcoming treatment area. Your practitioner will determine the energy level put out by the Intimawave® based on your consultation. You will be instructed to sit on the Intimawave® chair fully clothed. As the magnetic pulses stimulate involuntary muscle contractions of the pelvic floor, your muscles will tighten. 

A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes. You can resume your normal activities right after your session. Most patients undergo 6-8 treatments for optimal results. There are no post-treatment procedures or recommendations, making The StarFormer Treatment® a very convenient and safe treatment option. The end result is effective and long-term relief from bladder leakage and urinary incontinence. 

Take the Next Step

Gone are the days when you must “deal with” urinary incontinence. It does not have to be mandatory for postnatal rehabilitation or aging. Instead of cumbersome exercises and therapeutic routines, consider taking the next step to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Even if you have a solid pelvic floor foundation, you could still benefit from the StarFormer® Treatment. 

If you are curious about your options or looking for innovative ways to address your health concerns, consider booking a consultation with the expert practitioners of First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic. The team at First Impressions approaches every wellness need with compassion and discretion.


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