Go ahead, call me a softy because i love Valentines day.
Valentines day is not just another day to me, it’s a day to realize importance and sometimes we all need a little nudge of extra here and there. Valentines day is a day to show that appreciation that’s lost; life can get busy, forgetting becomes easier, some days sleep is our only relaxation cure and “there’s well just not enough time” you forever quote 4 out of 7 days of the week.
If you often let yourself fall to the bottom of your priority list, perhaps maybe today is time to show yourself some love this Valentine’s day and get you an amazing glow (or if your boyfriend is like mine.. the both of you a glow)
Starting with Tip # 1. Do not use a face mask that you have not used when prepping for an event. If your skin is not familiar to a product a tip to remember is don’t try something new the night of a special occasion. You can’t hide your face. Simply patch test your product (as well as all new products) behind your ear in case of breakout or irritation. Who wants a blemish on a date?
2. Brightening Exfoliating Cleansing Scrub ( I use: AHA/BHA exfoliate cleanser-Skin Medica) An exfoliation cleanser polishes away the dullness illuminating your skin’s complexion. These Alpha & Beta acids work to remove impurities & dead skin cells and leaves your skin with a smooth radiant appearance which is a great base for makeup application. Always remember to use warm water, not hot – especially in the winter. Steam almost always removes our protective oils from the skin and strips moisture which creates more dry skin.
3.Toner‘s. For the one’s that haven’t had a clue what a toner was until now, here is your holy grail. It’s basically a pore eraser it really works to minimize your small to largest pore. It will also help take away impurities missed when cleansing, helps oily skin & some toners hydrate. All toners looks like water and next to nothing but it contains so much, and supports absorption of product. Add toner to your regimen. How to apply: put product on a cotton ball and apply to your face after cleansers/exfoliation.
4. I won’t get all “sciencey” but antioxidants like – Vitamin C&E serum will have your skin glowing even days. How? It helps build your collagen-minimizing fine lines & wrinkles and evens skin tone. While Vitamin C&E is a great serum to add to your regimen for a good glow; body lotions/creams that contains Vitamin E helps our collagen on our body recover from that dry skin look we all get in the winter. Replace your body lotion with a Vitamin E lotion (Jergens), and keep the fragrances in the perfume, fragrance can be harmful and these body creams from bath & body works have no active ingredients for change. Don’t believe me? Have a look at their ingredients without cringing.
5. Moisturize, HYDRATE & SPF – Hydration and moisturizing are two different things, yes and UV rays still exist when they’re clouds so protect you skin, and decrease your aging by applying sunscreen. Some foundations now have SPF in them, as well as our product carried, TDR- sunscreen by Skin Medica it comes in tinted. (A now must have & a crucial summer must have!)
6. Brush/whiten teeth prior to applying anything to your lips. Apply a lip scrub to remove any dry skin so your lip liner & lipstick go on smoothly; Use a lip plump and a lip liner to help make your lips stand bold and firm.
7. Use a primer under your makeup for a smoother complexion
8. Eye shadow primer are great for two things below your eye (to help diminish creasing) as well as on your lid to make product last.
This under eye concealer looks great by it cosmetics. As well as both Skin Medica & Vivier carry two great essential eye bag control creams .
9. Setting spray.
10. Hair/Nails- Hair is important too.. Try a hair mask, use heat protection spray always! Touch your nails up, finish with a hand lotion!

With these 10 Valentines date tips by Kait, your skin should glow brighter than your dinner table candle.
And REMEMBER to make your skin care a vital-routine, not something to make time for. Have a great Valentines, XoXo
All product hyperlinked/in bold i myself, use daily and love. Check them out!