Have you ever found your self confused with your skin, your sure you bought every type of product down to sunscreen and still playing the trial and error of irritations? Maybe you were here for cryotherapy but now you want a treatment like a peel, some micro-needling, or perhaps a facial but you aren’t sure what’s best for you and what isn’t or what is effective for you.
Figuring out what treatments can benefit you & what products, the “how-to’s” and what is best for your skin type can be challenging. Finding and trusting that advice can be even more greater of a challenge when it is not coming from a trusted, experienced practitioner.

The truth is a consultation before any treatment should be expected. It is the most important step for you, your nurse practitioner. A consultation is a time set a side for you to build confidence and trust in her suggestions, the treatment/products recommended, and a time for you to discuss concerns, challenges and your goals. It is a time for your practitioner to devote their time to those goals, build a relationship, examine your skin, tackle your concerns and challenges with recommending treatments and/or products to deliver your goals.
Don’t let consultations scare you away, almost every professional (especially skin) have consultations and if your like this clinic we offer same-day treatments. So why the need for a second name? Well because Consultations pinpoint focus to your profile and concerns as your appointment is focused to the treatments. Most professionals do charge a fee for consultations. When consultations aren’t “needed” or are “free” you need to notice that you are actually loosing more than you are winning. You are downgrading your skin to a chance to be: if not consulted: A) Risks of irritations and/or possible contraindications to medicines/topical creams B) Ruining a weekend wedding due to a not thought of chemical peel Friday evening or if free: C) A consultation is time, and is again a crucial start. By being free a professional is quickly taking their time explaining and may not always go into depth about your concerns, profile(inc:medical history & contraindications), when paying for a consultation you know you are getting the thoroughness you paid for, all the questions you want answered from prices – “why does this breakout exist?!”

When booking a consultation.

Book your consultation: when booking your appointment let the Clinic’s medical receptionist know what treatments you are thinking about or what your consultation is for.
Your initial appointment will be a one time fee of $75. On your way to our clinic think about some questions you may have. What bothers your skin, The product line we carry here, your interests and what you are opened to, that bump that’s maybe on your skin and if we “have a treatment for that?” We want you to feel comfortable and at ease and excited for your treatment, feel free to ask away.
Arrive to your appointment 10 minutes early (if possible) to start your light paper work. This consultation will approximately take 30-45 minutes of your time this will consist of building your profile & treatment plan, examining your skin, what it’s needs are and ways to maximize your goals at the clinic and in your skin care regimen at home.

Our licensed nurse practitioner Deborah Hart is a Masters Class Graduate of Certified Aesthetic Medicine. She is a Expert Panel Speaker for CSASN (Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses) and she also runs our her very own Atlantic Training Institute for Medical Aesthetics Botox & Filler’s course. Deborah Hart has many years of experience and great knowledge in aesthetic medicine. At First Impressions Medical Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Clinic you can have trust and are always assured of our advice, professionalism and knowledge.

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