Yes it’s 2019 and there are still people who break their necks when “vagina” is said. Yes i said it, Vagina. Sometimes people just  like to keep there “privates” private and for those who don’t well hey there are still somethings we just don’t feel comfortable talking about.
You may have wandered upon this blog after searching google for the answers your too embarrassed to ask you friends or it hit your timeline like a deer in headlights. However you got here, grab your popcorn diVa.

So.. What is this treatment?

This treatment is done by laser technology brought to us by Sciton, and is named Diva well, because you get the hint. Physicians, Medical-Spas, you name it have used lasers for many years now and there are many different ways they are used from Skin Tightening, Pigmentation concerns as well as Vascular; it’s really no surprise they found a way for Vagina’s to join the laser bandwagon. Diva is a safe treatment and its non-surgical, it delivers both ablative/non-ablative wavelengths to treatment area: meaning with this laser it stimulates collagen re-growth and plumping of the tissue and also has a 1470 nm wavelength for more of a tightening effect.

Do i need this

We never really get ahead on life and it’s aging, but we can do things to help. As we age, our bodies go through changes like a chain reaction it happens just like that, which brings us to stages in life : child birth, menopause, appearance changes.
If child birth is what brought you here it may be because after you give birth your estrogen levels do drop which can result in dryness. Child birth also stretches our canal walls (Don’t freak out) they do act like elastic’s but every elastic has a little slack when stretched- that’s why were here oh, and to fix the scare of sneezing in public (Urinary Incontinence).
Menopause: Diva has helped many women post/during menopause. Diva has also helped women who have had chemotherapy, mothers that have breastfed, as well as women that had hysterectomy’s. These events all result in reduced or decline of estrogen, Vagina Atrophy (damage to vaginal walls), and elasticity which can cause pain during intercourse.
Now if you don’t have those problems and simply just want to improve your vagina health and vagina tightness. Diva not only can access just that but it can be used to change appearance called Diva Tyte, If you’ve heard of Labia-Plasty, well it’s kinda like that but non-surgical and instead uses infrared light energy resulting in skin collagen to tighten. Just like our face ages our skin ages in this area too, unfortunately for intimacy some women are self-conscious about their appearance, so clients seek diva for this reason also.

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Kait Yurczyszyn