You go to the grocery store and pick up a box, to then swap it with another because this label reads lower calories, or lower cholesterol or “Hey! Apple-cider vinegar you know i heard it does wonders.” You finish your grocery trip. Then you land at another store in search of makeup, skincare, & shower products. 1st grab: a name you hear/seen advertised often, 2nd grab: your friend has it or maybe it has green tea extract in bold this being the only good ingredient along side of 90% toxic ingredients, and well the 3rd grab: be honest it was the packaging that sold you wasn’t it?
You didn’t look once for active ingredients, but you cared so much about the food label. Your stomach isn’t the only thing that absorbs- your skin absorbs too.


I’m not saying everyone should know exactly from A-Z every harmful ingredient a product can contain. But now that you have a little insight, screen shot your intrigued product, go home and google it, now are you thinking twice about bringing the $7.00 price tag of unrealistic promises of anti-aging, or serum for tired eyes to the cash register? Look into a pharmaceutical skin care line that is clinically proven for your goals, and pay that price tag. Would you compare medicine for your heart on cost? Don’t cheap out on your face. This too is vital. You will eventually pay.

So what is the secret cosmetic grade products hide you may ask? Nobody knows for sure and they certainly don’t have to let people know. Under the law, cosmetic products and ingredients do not need FDA/HC  pre-market approval, meaning anyone can really create a product upload it, hashtag it & sell it if it’s cosmetic. These products are doing nothing but  destroying your skin now and potentially worse later. These products are also wasting your time by promising you hydrated skin without having any sources of Hyaluronic Acid anywhere in its product.

Pharmaceutical brands are FDA/HC approved because the product contains ingredients that consist of active drugs that work, and are stronger. These product will change the texture and appearance of your skin on a cellular level and don’t just promise results with just mixed creams in a beauty isle but are required by law, to be sold in a Doctor’s office or Med-Spa because of what they contain and some products need guidance from a  Dermatologist, Practitioner, or Physician.

So now let’s go back to when i said “Don’t cheap out on your face. You will pay for it.” You really will, whether it’s now, in the future that be medical problems from harmful chemicals, 10 breakouts later or maybe when you throw all your skin care products you spent money on and hopefully (after this read) switch to pharmaceutical.

First Impressions Medical Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Clinic
Kait Yurczyszyn