Menopause can usher in a whole host of changes in a woman’s life. That’s why it is nicknamed “the change.” From hormonal fluctuations to physical symptoms, there are few things menopause does not impact during its cycle. As our bodies go through this natural process, another change may occur—a  change in your skin. Menopausal skin issues are quite common. Let’s take a closer look at how menopause affects your skin and what you can do about it. 

Typically, menopause begins 12 months after a woman’s last period. But this may not be the case for every woman. In addition to potential hot flashes and an absence of your menstrual cycle, you may also experience dry skin, sagging skin, unwanted facial hair, and dark spots appearing. 

How Does Menopause Affect Your Skin

Menopause also signals the body to slow down estrogen production. This is a huge reason why you may experience hair or skin changes during “the change.” Estrogen helps your skin stay supple and firm, and retain water. Estrogen also stimulates collagen growth, the essential protein for youthful and radiant skin. When estrogen and collagen supplies are down, you may notice changes in your skin’s appearance. Changes are inevitable, but there are steps you can take to manage them.

Menopause and Skin Care

Sagging Skin

As stated above, menopause can cause your skin to sag. It is already happening if you look in the mirror and see excess skin around your neck or mouth (such as jowls). You might also see large circles or “bags” under your eyes. Don’t panic! 

What to Do About It

The first thing you can do is prevent more wrinkles and skin damage by wearing sunscreen daily and protecting your skin. You can also use a skincare product with retinol and peptides. But if you want a comprehensive and powerful approach to sagging skin, consider trying a series of SkinTyte treatments. This innovative skin tightening with laser treatment delivers infrared light to deeply heat your skin while cooling and protecting the entire surface at the same time. Light energy is distributed in rapid, gentle pulses to initiate the body’s natural healing process, which leads to an improved appearance of sagging skin. 

Unwanted Facial Hair

As estrogen supplies start to wane, your body may produce unwanted facial hair. Hormonal imbalance can certainly cause a lot of headaches! If you look in the mirror and notice you’re growing hair where you do not want to grow, you can shave the hair off. Just remember, it could grow back darker and coarser. 

What to Do About It

Consider laser hair removal to target the areas of unwanted hair and prevent clogged pores, inflammation, or irritation that can occur with shaving. Forever Bare BBL™ Laser Hair administers pulses of laser light to the target treatment area. These light frequencies are absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is then converted to heat which damages the hair follicles. A damaged hair follicle can no longer produce hair and will cause hair in the follicle to naturally fall out. Forever Bare BBL ™ is safe for facial application.

Pimples and Acne

Just when you thought you left breakouts behind in your younger years, you look in the mirror and see you were incorrect. Your skin may produce more oil than necessary thanks to hormonal fluctuations, causing your pores to clog. As you age, your skin may also thin, making typical acne treatments far too harsh for your gentle skin. 

What to Do About It 

You probably need a comprehensive treatment solution that is holistic, gentle, and effective. Forever Clear BBL ™ is one such treatment. This cutting-edge acne treatment uses light to clear acne without medication or topical creams. The intense (but safe) lights banish bacteria in your pores, all while reducing inflammation. A series of treatments is best for optimal results. 

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles may be labeled as a natural part of aging, but these features do not have to be. As you age and menopausal skin issues arise, your skin becomes thinner and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. This includes crow’s feet, brow lines, marionette lines, and even a droop at the tip of your nose. While these are all normal, you may want to reduce their appearance to feel healthier and happier in your own skin. 

What to Do About It 

Consider Botox ®. You can enjoy the benefits of Botox at any age. This powerful neuromodulator can be administered just about anywhere on your face. You can even lift your eyebrows with Botox and look natural and refreshed. Botox stays where it is injected, allowing you to really target the areas you wish to improve. It is safe and effective. (And highly popular). 

Dark Spots

One day, you’re putting on makeup for a big event, and the next, you notice some darker pigmentation (age spots) on your beautiful face. Where did they come from? Most likely, the thinning of your skin allows damaged areas to appear more prominently. However, sometimes dark spots can be a warning sign of skin cancer if you’ve spent a lot of time unprotected in the sun. Have your practitioner check your dark spots first, then opt for a treatment option that helps you reach your skincare goals. 

What to Do About It 

Revitalize your face with The Halo ™ Laser Treatment. This revolutionary treatment uses a hybrid fractional laser to treat specific areas of the skin while reducing healing time. The two lasers administer deep dermal revitalization and help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots while stimulating collagen production. Patients can expect significant textural changes, including reducing fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing of scars. The Halo™ Laser Treatment encourages an even skin tone and boosts the “Halo Glow,” a healthy, radiant, youthful glow after the skin has healed.  

Dry Skin

Since menopause may cause your skin to lose its ability to retain water, you may experience dry skin. This may or may not be accompanied by flaking, itching, irritation, or redness. You may notice this in your T-zone (on your face) or even your elbows. Since dry skin can be attributed to a variety of underlying causes, you will want to relieve your symptoms with a comprehensive approach. 

What to Do About It

First and foremost, drink more water. Proper hydration is essential for skin health. Next, find the best moisturizer for your skin and moisturize twice daily (morning and night). Finally, consider a treatment such as the V2 Beauty Booster technique. This treatment uses a series of needles to inject a high concentration of natural and free hyaluronic acid and a combination of antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. These injections boost skin hydration and improve skin quality. You’ll see plumping, filling, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Results are visible after a single session. 

If You’re Not Ready for Treatment

Let’s say you have an idea of what treatment can target your most pressing symptoms, but you’re not ready to book an appointment just yet. You can start by adding topical hyaluronic acid to your beauty routine. This naturally occurring substance in the body retains water, keeping your joints and skin tissues lubricated and moist. Many products contain hyaluronic acid, but we recommend the HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator. This brilliant hydrator provides immediate smoothing of fine lines and supports the skin’s natural ability to replenish its own hyaluronic acid for overall skin health. 

If You Are Ready for Treatment

If you want to know more about how to keep skin looking young after menopause, or if you are ready to try a treatment option to tackle your skincare goals, book a consultation with First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic. The compassionate team at First Impressions is experts in the field and ready to answer any questions. Don’t wait; don’t just accept “the change” for what it is. Take control of your skin health and look as beautiful as you feel at any age!


If you’re ready to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, then Botox® injections may be the treatment you’re looking for. Proven to be safe and effective, this procedure plumps up the skin and leaves you looking refreshed and radiant. Learn more when you download our FREE ebook10 Truth Bombs about Botox® and Fillers You’ll Be Relieved to Know.