Taking care of your body, from your hair to your feet, can feel like a full-time job. But if you want to look and feel your best, chances are you have established a solid self-care routine that works for you. The question is this: how important is feminine hygiene in your self-care routine? Sure, you probably wash and maintain your vagina, but there is probably more you should be doing and a few things you should avoid. Check out these ten feminine hygiene tips every woman needs to know.  

Must-Do Feminine Hygiene Tips

The vagina is an incredible part of a woman’s body. It has the power to cleanse itself, maintain a healthy pH, serve as a powerhouse for pleasure, and more. To keep your vagina healthy inside and out, follow these tips.

Freshen Up in the Morning – As you sleep, your vagina works hard to cleanse itself and prevent harmful bacteria from entering your body. Depending on how warm your bedroom is, what type of underwear you have, and if you sleep in underwear or not will determine just how much sweat your vagina will release. To freshen a moist environment, simply give yourself a gentle rinse with water after using the restroom first thing in the morning. You can use a bidet or a clean washcloth with water. This will help you feel fresh and give your vagina a clean environment to start the day. 

Wipe from Front to Back – It can be easy to fall prey to a not-so-ideal post-bathroom wiping habit. Make sure you are wiping from the front of your vagina to the back until there is no residue on your toilet paper. This prevents fecal matter and other bacteria from being ushered into the vagina via your toilet paper. If you want to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, consider installing a bidet to your toilet for easy washing and removal of restroom residue. 

Cotton is your Friend – Cotton underwear is a vagina’s best friend. The breathable fabric is soft on your genital area, allowing moisture to escape throughout the day. Ventilation is critical for a healthy vagina. And if you don’t sleep without underwear, you should try it once in a while to let the area breathe after a long day’s work. This is especially true if you’ve spent the day wearing pantyhose or Spanx. 

Skip the Hygiene Products – One of the lesser-known feminine hygiene tips is to avoid most feminine hygiene products. We’re not talking about pads, tampons, or pantyliners. We’re talking about vaginal perfumes, cleansing wipes, and douching. If you notice an unpleasant vaginal odor, you may want to talk to your doctor. Using perfumes or douches will temporarily cover the odor without addressing the issue. Additionally, the vagina is a self-cleaning system. Introducing harsh cleansers to your vagina can alter pH and bacteria levels and cause irritation. 

Change Feminine Products Frequently – When you are on your period, you want to change your pad or tampon frequently, whether you are bleeding heavily or not. Four hours should be the maximum for any product. Anything longer can promote harmful bacteria growth or cause a rash and irritation. If you are open to it, consider trying a reusable menstrual cup instead of pads or tampons to maintain your menstrual flow without the hassle of changing products every few hours. 

Keep your Vagina Dry – Unless you’re engaging in a pleasurable activity, you will want to keep your vagina as dry as possible. Sweaty after a challenging workout? Shower right after and pat dry your vagina to keep moisture out. The vagina will produce fluid and discharge naturally, which is fine. But excess fluid can lead to bacteria overgrowth and irritation. In addition to keeping your vagina dry, be sure to use clean, dry towels when drying your vagina off. You do not want bacteria to get trapped in your towel, only to reintroduce it back into your vagina as you try to dry. 

Wax. Don’t Shave – When it comes to maintaining public hair growth, there are various options. Ideally, you want to wax with a sugar wax or something gentle to eliminate any unwanted pubic hair. Your next best bet is to trim. When you shave your public hair, you introduce micro-cuts in the skin around your vagina. This can cause infections or uncomfortable ingrown hairs. And remember, public hair exists for a reason. It helps clean the vagina and protect it from harmful bacteria. 

Choose the Right Lubricant – We’ve already talked a lot about keeping the vagina clean and dry. But what about when the opportunity strikes, and we need the vagina to be lubricated? One of the best things you can do to maintain your feminine hygiene is to choose a suitable lubricant for your body. If you have sensitive skin, try a silicon-based lubricant. If you’re starting with lubricants, try a water-based lubricant. 

Amp Up Your Sex Life – Remember, the vagina is a fantastic part of your body. If you notice vaginal dryness during intimacy (with yourself or a partner), you don’t have to accept it as a natural part of aging. Instead, consider looking into treatment options such as The O-Shot®. This specialized treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood. The PRP is injected into the vaginal tissue and stimulates growth factors, tissue regeneration, and better lubrication upon arousal. 

Get the Right Nutrition – This may seem like one of the more “common sense” feminine hygiene tips, but you can eat your way to a healthy vagina. Be sure to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, such as citrus fruits or cucumber, to promote a pleasant vaginal scent. Eating spicy foods, alcohol, or red meat can impact vaginal odor. In addition to maintaining good nutrition, you also want to drink plenty of water. Going to the bathroom rids your body of toxins, so if you drink plenty of water, you also promote the flushing out of those toxins. 

Rejuvenate Your Vagina

What if you do all the above and still don’t feel like your best? Perhaps you are dealing with sexual dysfunction. Or maybe you are experiencing urinary incontinence. One treatment option that can literally rejuvenate your vagina is diVa™ Laser Therapy. The diVa™ utilizes the world’s first and only revolutionary hybrid fractional laser (HFL) technology. That’s right; it is a laser. It uses two wavelengths that fire simultaneously to repair and restore vaginal tissue, and it is an entirely non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation. 

diVa™ Laser Therapy is excellent for women who experience decreased sensation during sexual intercourse. It is also a great treatment for women who have vaginal dryness, stress incontinence, painful intercourse, or vaginal discomfort. Treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes and is comparable to the sensations felt during a vaginal ultrasound. Some patients require follow-up treatments to maintain results, which are noticeable 4-6 weeks after treatment. 

Treatment can occur during your lunch break or between errands. There is minimal to no downtime after treatment, but you will receive a post-treatment regimen as part of your aftercare. 

Getting Started

If you are interested in The O-Shot® or diVa™ Laser Therapy for vaginal rejuvenation, look no further than First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic. The compassionate and expert providers at First Impressions can answer any questions about your feminine hygiene needs and prospective treatment options for various conditions. Simply book a consultation to get started today. Caring for your vagina will make you feel fantastic both inside and out.


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