There is more than one reason why it feels so good when your hairdresser massages your scalp while shampooing your hair or your massage therapist administers a good scalp massage. While these delightful encounters reduce stress and tension and make you say “ahh,” they also play a pivotal role in stimulating blood circulation throughout your scalp and naturally supporting hair growth. 

Picture this: you have a strand of hair that you can visibly see. The hair attaches to your scalp through your hair follicles. Your scalp contains over 100,000 hair follicles, which are these tunnel-shaped structures rooted in your skin’s outermost layer. The root of your hair is made up of protein cells that are cared for and nourished by blood from nearby blood vessels. Cells are created, making the hair grow out of the hair follicle and through the skin’s surface. 

All the hard work occurring underneath the scalp is directly responsible for your hair health. Each hair follicle has a papillae, which is a clump of cells, at the base. They are connected to a very dense network of blood vessels. Your hair requires proper scalp blood circulation for natural hair growth.  

But that’s not all. These blood vessels also provide your hair with nutrients and oxygen it needs to remain strong and healthy. Putting it all together, we need proper blood circulation for long and beautiful hair. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to achieve this and promote healthy blood circulation throughout the scalp. Let’s take a look at some tips on natural hair growth. 

Symptoms of Poor Scalp Circulation

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I know if my scalp is getting enough blood circulation?” then we have a few telltale signs to look out for if it is not. First, you may notice your hair is duller and losing its shine. Your hair volume may decrease, and your hair falls out at a higher rate than usual. Upon inspecting your hair, you’ll notice strands becoming less dense. And when new hair does come through, it stops short, like the hair on a newborn. Finally, and this is less noticeable over time, hair follicles will shrink and die off. 

Now, hair loss and aging do go hand in hand. As you age, your body produces less proteins. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. 

What You Can Do to Support Hair Growth Naturally

Scalp Massage – The number one thing you can do to support hair growth naturally is to make it a routine to have scalp massages. You can give yourself a quick scalp massage by running your fingers across your scalp and applying gentle pressure. You can buy a scalp massager that gently stimulates the scalp. You can ask your friend or partner to give you a gentle scalp massage. Or you can check into your favorite spa or rejuvenation center and add a scalp massage to your existing service if applicable. For best results, massage upward with your fingertips. You can even include some diluted essential oils with your scalp massage. 

It is important to note that scalp massages also can help reduce stress. As you may know, stress is a common cause of hair loss. Stress can cause your hair to remain in the “resting phase” of the hair growth cycle. A scalp massage can ease stress and help your hair move forward to the “growth and regeneration phase.” 

Try Caffeine-Infused Shampoo. Java is not just good for helping you stay awake and increase alertness. The compound found in coffee, caffeine, can boost hair growth. Topical caffeine is absorbed into the scalp rapidly. But not just the scalp; the hair follicle will “drink” that caffeine right up. This will kickstart the “growth and regeneration” phase of the hair growth cycle. 

Take a Cold Shower, Sort of. When you alternate hot and cold water in the shower, you stimulate the scalp as it reacts to the temperature changes. Also, if you rinse your hair with cool water after shampoo and conditioning, you’ll further lock in the moisture and nutrients from your hair care products more than you would if you rinsed it with hot water. 

Exercise Your Scalp. Okay, we know this one sounds weird, but hear us out. When you raise your eyebrows as high as possible and lower them, you’re basically stretching your scalp. Similar to the stimulation your scalp receives during a massage, these exercises can help improve blood flow. 

Turn Upside Down. Do you remember being a little kid and hanging upside down from the monkey bars or off the side of the bed? You probably recall feeling the blood rush to your head before you stopped and returned to an upright position. Believe it or not, this little activity is excellent for improving circulation throughout the scalp and boosting hair growth naturally. You can do this once a day. If this is too uncomfortable, consider trying a few yoga poses that incorporate inversion for the same result. 

Brush Your Hair. Brushing your hair has many benefits. It helps you remove dead and broken hair from your head. It redistributes oils from the scalp throughout the rest of your hair strands. And it works similarly to how a scalp massage does by stimulating blood circulation and activating capillary muscles. 

Practice Breathing Exercises. Deep breathing rejuvenates the body and increases blood flow to all parts, including the scalp. It is also a helpful practice for stress reduction, thereby helping you eliminate stress-induced hair loss. 

Natural Treatment for Scalp Circulation and Hair Growth

If you’re looking for something you do not have to do every day but still will yield results, you may want to consider platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair growth. PRP is a concentrated source of growth factors found in your body. It is produced when a practitioner takes a sample of your blood and spins it down using a specialized centrifuge into its base components. One of which is growth factors. Growth factors stimulate cellular growth, proliferation, healing, and differentiation, improving collagen and elastin production. PRP can stimulate cell growth in various areas of the body, including the face and chest. You may have heard about the Vampire Facial, which incorporates PRP into the face to stimulate collagen growth. PRP for hair loss is very similar. 

Specifically, PRP regenerates the dermal papilla cells in your scalp tissue while stimulating blood vessel growth in your skin. Ultimately, PRP for hair loss will trigger natural hair growth. The PRP will also increase blood supply to the hair follicles and boost the thickness of the hair shaft.  The result is a natural regrowth of hair with increased thickness. 

You are a great candidate for PRP treatment for hair if you have male/female pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia (the fancy name for hair loss). If you’re experiencing early hair loss, you are a perfect candidate and will see the best results. 

Most patients receive treatment once a month for three to four months. Then, they come back for a maintenance appointment every three to six months. The duration of your maintenance treatment will vary based on your body’s response to the procedure and your desired treatment goals. 

To Learn More

If you are looking for more ways to boost hair growth naturally or are interested in PRP treatment for hair growth, consider booking a consultation at First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic. You can discuss your hair care needs and goals with our compassionate and knowledgeable practitioners to determine what treatment options are best for you. Your hair is a part of you and a part of your health and wellness. Nourish it. Support it. Love it.


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