When you look in the mirror and see definitive signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, you may start to consider cosmetic treatments to turn back the clock and turn up your confidence. We’ve all heard the term “facelift” and understand it is a cosmetic surgery requiring anesthesia. However, there is another minimally invasive contender worth considering. Enter the Vampire Facelift. 

The Vampire Facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that combines platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with dermal fillers to produce anti-aging results. This includes improved collagen, tightening, lifting, and volume to the face.

PRP is a concentrated source of growth factors found in your body. It is produced when a practitioner takes a sample of your blood and spins it down into its base components, one of which is growth factors. Growth factors stimulate cellular growth, proliferation, healing, and differentiation, improving collagen and elastin production. 

Does the Vampire Facelift really work? The answer is yes. Here’s why:

The Vampire Facelift uses dermal filler to restore volume and lift the face. At the same time, PRP improves the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin and improves skin texture and health. It is like a double dose of boosting elements to produce results. 

How the Vampire Facelift Works

During a consultation with a compassionate and knowledgeable aesthetician, you will discuss your treatment goals and medical history. Be sure to mention the medications you are currently taking, as you may be asked to avoid ibuprofen or aspirin a week before your treatment. Your aesthetician may complete a face and neck exam to determine the localized areas for treatment. Once the consultation is complete, and you’re deemed an eligible candidate, your treatment will be scheduled. 

On the day of treatment, your practitioner will draw blood from your arm and place the sample into a centrifuge to separate the blood’s components. In case you were curious, red blood cells are the densest. They sink to the bottom of the blood solution and are ultimately removed. Once this occurs, the PRP is ready. It contains a small layer of white blood cells and platelets and a more significant layer containing plasma. 

If you have deep creases or wrinkles, your practitioner may also inject dermal fillers before the PRP. This will restore volume to the face. A topical numbing solution may also be applied to reduce discomfort during treatment. 

Next, the PRP is loaded into a syringe and injected into specifically targeted areas using a very fine needle. The treatment from start to finish takes about an hour. It’s no wonder some have nicknamed it the “lunchbreak facelift.” 

Vampire Facelift Results

Dermal filler results are immediate, so you’ll see some results right away if your treatment includes fillers. Your skin may experience some redness, itching, and swelling, which will subside within a few days. You will notice glowing results from the Vampire Facelift about two weeks after treatment. Full results are visible after about three months. This gives your skin plenty of time to boost collagen production and firm the skin. Results can last about a year up to 18 months, but this depends on how quickly your metabolism works, how much unprotected sun exposure you have, and your age. 

But What do Results Look Like?

You may be wondering what results look like compared to a traditional surgical facelift. A Vampire Facelift will produce subtle but noticeable results. You will see a more balanced skin tone surrounding the treatment area. Your skin will glow brightly. These blemishes will fade and be less prominent if you have facial scars, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation. An actual “lift” doesn’t occur. Instead, your face is fuller, and your skin is tighter, thanks to the collagen and elastin production boost. 

So, while you won’t look like you’ve been under the knife, your face will appear more rested, youthful, and blemish-free. The Vampire Facelift can treat smile lines, nose wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, sagging under the chin, and help plump your cheeks. 

Benefits of the Vampire Facelift

There are many different benefits to the Vampire Facelift. One of the most important is the minimally invasive nature of the treatment. This treatment is incredibly safe, and the side effects and risks are minimal. After all, besides dermal fillers (which are also relatively safe), you’re using your blood! In fact, there are many different PRP procedures available, including the Vampire Breast Lift®, a nearly identical procedure that targets the skin of the breast and upper chest. 

But back to the facelift treatment. No downtime or recovery is necessary, so you don’t have to clear your calendar just for treatment.   

In addition to this natural treatment, the Vampire Facelift can also boost immunity and restore cellular respiration. Can a traditional facelift do that? Also, since your PRP naturally induces the growth process, it also improves blood flow. This is how your complexion becomes even and brighter. 

Who is a good candidate for the Vampire Facelift?

If you are interested in facial rejuvenation, the Vampire Facelift is for you. The treatment is appropriate for anyone, including those older than 50 or 60 years of age. The truth is, the younger you are, the better your body is going to respond to the PRP. This doesn’t mean you will not see results if you’re older, but collagen and elastin growth occur faster in younger people because they have more collagen and elastin to start with. 

The Vampire Facelift can also treat acne and post-acne scars, provide minimal face contouring, encourage skin restoration after deep peeling, remove scars, and ease Rosacea symptoms.

This treatment is an excellent start if you want to see incremental volume on your face. Keep in mind that the Vampire Facelift is not recommended for patients with hepatitis C, HIV, blood cancer, the cardiovascular disease that requires a blood thinner, or skin cancer in the area to be treated. You may want to hold off if you are currently taking antibiotics. Also, this is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing. 

Getting Started

If you want youthful, supple, radiant skin without the downtime or invasive nature of traditional cosmetic surgery, consider getting a Vampire Facelift. Results last much longer than dermal fillers and neuromodulator injections. The procedure is safe, relatively comfortable, and boosts results. If you have any questions about Vampire Facelifts, consider booking a consultation with First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic. Our team of compassionate and knowledgeable practitioners can walk you through every step of the treatment process. 

Elevate your skin the natural way. Ask about Vampire Facelifts today.


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