When you hear the words “vaginal rejuvenation,” you might be thinking along the lines of plastic surgery or enhancing the vagina in a cosmetic manner. Turns out, vaginal rejuvenation goes far beyond aesthetics. In fact, vaginal rejuvenation treatment options can address a host of feminine problems including dryness, lack of elasticity, and stress incontinence. 

Many women suffer from sexual dysfunction and stress incontinence. Along those lines, many women choose to just stay silent and “deal with it.” Some women chalk up vaginal changes to the biological processes that occur with major milestones such as childbirth or as a byproduct of aging. As we age, our estrogen production slows down. This may cause vaginal walls to become thinner, drier, and even inflamed. 

There is a decrease in blood flow to the vaginal tissues and collagen production also decreases, causing the vaginal walls to lose elasticity. Thus, making sexual intimacy not very pleasurable. 

Women who have had a hysterectomy or chemotherapy treatments may also experience these same symptoms. There is no need to suffer in silence. Solutions are out there to improve the quality of your sex life at any age and your overall sexual wellness. 

Introducing the diVa™

The diVa™ utilizes the world’s first and only revolutionary hybrid fractional laser (HFL) technology. That’s right, it is a laser. It uses two wavelengths that fire simultaneously to repair and restore vaginal tissue, and it is a completely non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation. 

The diVa™ laser is for women of all ages that struggle with intimate health concerns. Whether a woman has delivered a baby or is struggling through menopause, it creates life-changing results. Every woman is unique and so are her gynecological health needs.  

You may benefit from the diVa™ laser treatment if you experience:

  • Urinary incontinence, particularly stress incontinence when you sneeze, cough, laugh, or make a sudden movement. Say goodbye to having to wear a pantyliner to protect your underwear from unwanted bladder leakage. 
  • Vaginal dryness. Some patients have ditched their commercial-grade lubricant after receiving treatment. Vaginal rejuvenation can increase sexual arousal. 
  • Decreased sensation during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is meant to be pleasurable. If you’re not feeling anything, the diVa™ can restore vaginal wall sensitivity and improve vaginal tightness. 
  • Painful intercourse. Opposite of the “not feeling anything spectrum” is painful and irritating intercourse. This can be due to dryness or lack of arousal – two symptoms this laser therapy can eliminate.  
  • General vaginal discomfort. If you suffer from frequent yeast infections or vaginal irritation, treatment can help restore your vaginal tissue’s pH balance for health, comfort, and prevention of recurrent infections. 

How Does diVa™ Laser Therapy Work?

The diVA™ laser utilizes a sapphire quartz single-use dilator and smoothly rotates 360-degrees so the Diva itself never touches the vaginal wall. The dilator flattens the tissue for complete coverage, providing a highly customized and targeted treatment to the vaginal wall. First, the laser is inserted into the vagina and directed at the treatment area. The synergetic wavelengths resurface the vaginal wall, replacing damaged tissue with healthy new tissue. Don’t worry–you won’t even feel the rotation of the laser! A topical anesthetic will be applied to your vagina and the vaginal wall to reduce any discomfort or pain. 

Naturally, this new and healthy tissue creates increased collagen, fresh blood vessels, and even brand-new nerve endings right under the vaginal wall surface. (Hello renewed sensitivity!) The vaginal tissue is plumper and lusher and more responsive to stimuli. That’s the beauty of vaginal rejuvenation

The entire appointment takes less than 30 minutes. It is safe, effective, and painless with zero recovery time needed after treatment. 

What to Expect During Treatment

Before treatment, you will have a comprehensive consultation regarding your gynecological health and treatment goals. Be sure to discuss any vaginal trauma you may have experienced or any underlying conditions you feel could impact your treatment. Some patients require multiple sessions to achieve maximum results. 

You will get comfortable in a patient room, remove clothing from the waist down, and cover yourself with the provided sheet,  similar to what you would do for a gynecological exam. Your practitioner will explain each step of the process with you so you will not be caught off guard at any point of the process. 

At the beginning of treatment, your practitioner will give you a topical anesthetic for your vagina and vaginal wall. This is to reduce any pain or discomfort you may feel during the procedure. A disposable strengthened quartz dilator (SQD) will be inserted into the vagina. This allows for comfort while permitting the precision laser beam to be positioned accurately within the stationary dilator. 

Most patients say that treatment kind of feels like a vaginal ultrasound. There is a slight pressure and a warming sensation, but little to no pain. The laser emits wavelengths for three to five minutes. At the conclusion of treatment, you can resume normal activities and go about your day. You may experience minor discharge or spotting, but the side effects are minimal. Seriously! You can go to the gym, get back to the office, or go run errands right after treatment. 

Your practitioner will go over any aftercare instructions. Since each and every woman is unique, your post-treatment regimen could possibly include avoiding tampons and sexual intercourse for a specific, but brief period of time. 

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation 

Even though patients typically require a  treatment cycle, there are patients who notice remarkable results after their very first treatment. However, by the conclusion of your treatment cycle, you should experience much less stress incontinence. You may not need as much commercial lubricant for intimacy. You may feel more aroused and feel more sensation in your vagina during penetration. This occurs 4-6 weeks after treatment. 

Ultimately, you’ll feel relieved, alive, and free. Or, shall we say, rejuvenated? There are many other benefits to diVa™ laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation. 

  • Treatment is very quick, meaning you can schedule a session over your lunch break or right after your morning coffee! 
  • The diVa™ laser therapy is very safe with minimal to no side effects. It is a natural way to rejuvenate your vagina and does not involve any medications (beyond topical anesthetics)
  • Instead of a painful surgical procedure with a lengthy recovery, this treatment is very comfortable, and no recovery time is necessary. That also means no anesthesia! 
  • Treatment is highly customized and targeted to specific areas within the vagina to meet each individual woman’s needs. 
  • Results can be noticed 4-6 weeks after treatment and most results will last up to 12 months. An annual maintenance treatment may be recommended. 
  • Restored confidence and an elevated sense of well-being. Results will leave you feeling your best and most vibrant self. 
  • Did we mention no more bladder leakage with sneezing or coughing? We know how uncomfortable those moments can be. 

What Are You Waiting For?

The diVa™ laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation is a non-surgical solution to improve and enhance your pelvic health and sexual wellness. No matter your age, you deserve to feel great in the skin you are in. It is quick, proven, and painless with lasting results. 

Boost your confidence and ask about vaginal rejuvenation today. Our compassionate and knowledgeable practitioners at First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic would love to answer any questions you may have regarding treatment options and results. Book a consultation to learn more. You are worth it!


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