There are so many changes we each go through in life. And our physical appearance is one of those changes. Whether we incorporate a new exercise routine and lose a lot of weight, have a child, or just experience the natural aging process, certain skin transformations are bound to happen. 

Saggy skin can occur at any age but is more common in older adults. Why does saggy skin happen? What can be done about it? Let’s take a look at eight reasons saggy skin occurs. 

8 Reasons for Saggy Skin

  • Aging – As we age, collagen and elastin production slows down. Collagen is what gives skin volume and makes it rigid (in a good way). Elastin lets the skin twist, stretch, and return to its natural form without damage. Your skin can sag if your body isn’t making enough of these proteins. You may notice saggy skin on face, under the neck, and even on your chest and arms.
  • Genetics – Sometimes our genes are the main culprit. Genetics plays a pivotal in all-around skin health. Depending on your genetic profile, you may have genes that promote collagen and elastin production and limit the effects of outside factors (UV rays, pollution, etc.) that can cause sagging skin.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy allows for the skin to stretch to accommodate a growing baby. Whether you’ve had one child or multiple, your abdomen will see some sagging skin changes. Maternal age also plays a role. The older you are when you give birth, the more prominent your sagging skin may be.
  • Sun Damage – Prolonged sun exposure without protection is a recipe for disaster for your skin. Not only do you risk hyperpigmentation and skin cancer, but you also speed up the skin’s aging process, which can lead to sagging skin. Ultraviolet light completely messes with elastin. When this happens, the skin sags. It can’t snap back into place as well as it could before significant sun damage.
  • Loss of Hyaluronic Acid – A loss of hyaluronic acid means a loss of moisture in the skin. Skin not properly hydrated can cause wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, and even a translucent appearance due to thinning tissues. Aging plays a role in decreasing hyaluronic acid, but fortunately, many safe and effective products on the market contain hyaluronic acid.
  • Smoking – The nicotine found in cigarettes can cause the blood vessels in your skin’s top layers to constrict. While this constriction doesn’t necessarily cause skin sagging, something else is to blame. As the blood vessels constrict, less blood reaches our skins. This means less blood flow with oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. Therefore, you limit your body’s development of collagen and elastin, all due to restricted blood flow.
  • Weight Loss – If you have lost a lot of weight recently, you may notice skin sagging around the areas of your body that carried the excess fat. This is common around the abdomen, thighs, and arms. When you are overweight or obese for long periods, your collagen and elastin fibers can experience harm.
  • Poor Diet – If you are not enjoying a well-balanced diet, you could be setting yourself up for saggy skin on face and other areas. Eating a lot of processed foods high in sodium and sugar can hurt your precious skin cells. Glucose and carbs travel through your blood. When you have excess glucose and carbs, they can break down collagen and elastin, thus reducing your skin’s elasticity.

Saggy Skin Treatment 

While some saggy skin causes may seem a bit out of your control, several treatment options exist to combat the sag. Let’s start with lifestyle changes you can make now to be proactive. 

Eat a well-balanced diet Make sure you eat delicious fresh fruits and vegetables to obtain all the nutrients necessary for collagen and elastin production. Vitamin C is crucial for collagen development, so enjoy citrus fruits, tomatoes, and even broccoli. You’ve heard the term “you are what you eat.” There is some truth to this statement, especially regarding the skin. Eating a well-balanced diet can also help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid the skin pitfalls of being overweight. 

Quit smoking Easier said than done, but smoking is doing your skin and overall health no favors. Smoking damages not only your lungs but also your skin and can lead to premature skin aging and saggy skin on your face. 

Wear sunscreen Unprotected sunbathers enjoy the fleeting joy of a deep tan, but years later, they experience saggy chest and face skin, a leathery texture to the skin, and hyperpigmentation. Be sure to use an SPF of at least 30 daily, rain or shine. Sunscreen is a secret to preserving a youthful glow. 

Moisturize Your skin needs moisture to thrive. Consider using products with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and nourish your skin in every way possible. 

How to Get Rid of Saggy Neck Skin

Some saggy skin woes may need more intervention to correct the skin’s loose condition. SkinTyte is a treatment that delivers an advanced infra-red light to deeply heat your skin while cooling and protecting the entire surface simultaneously. Light energy is distributed in rapid, gentle pulses to initiate the body’s natural healing process. This encourages the body to improve the appearance of sagging skin. You get the repair action coupled with a boost of collagen production for the future. Anything beyond minor skin sagging could benefit from SkinTyte treatment. 

Treatment for Saggy Skin around the Face

You may want to consider the Vampire Facelift if you have saggy skin around your chin, cheekbones, or even your nose. It is a minimally invasive treatment option that stimulates collagen and elastin production by using your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

PRP is a concentrated source of growth factors found in your body. It is produced when a practitioner takes a sample of your blood and spins it down in a centrifuge to extract the naturally occurring growth factors. The Vampire Facelift uses dermal fillers to restore volume and lift the face, while your PRP improves the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin. 

If you have minor skin sagging, you can use a firming cream to target stubborn areas for sagging skin treatment. Look for retinol creams, lotions, or serums. 

Stop the Sag

If you look in the mirror and are concerned with saggy skin, or if you want to take additional steps to prevent saggy skin on the face, consider booking a consultation with the team at First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team is ready and eager to answer any questions you may have. You can undergo a comprehensive consultation to determine your trouble areas and treatment options. You can also book a consultation to discuss SkinTyte treatment or the Vampire Facelift. 

Sagging skin doesn’t have to be an inevitable milestone of aging. You deserve to love the reflection in the mirror. Remember, you’re worth it. Take steps today to look as young as you feel.


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