Long, full, and luscious eyelashes are in style, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The voluminous lash look, once achieved by glued-on false eyelashes or lash boosting mascara, is now the end result of a variety of eyelash treatments. You may have heard of eyelash extensions, a meticulous beauty treatment that adds lashes to your existing lash line. These lashes are usually made of mink, faux mink, silk, cashmere, or synthetic acrylic. 

But there is a new beauty treatment on the eyelash horizon. The RefectoCil Eyelash Lift with tint gives you the perfect look without mascara! Results will yield a soft uplift to the lashes as if you’ve used an eyelash curler but will stay with you for 4-6 weeks. The tint gives light lashes an extra pop and gives the look of mascara without the worry of running on a hot day or during exercise. RefectoCil’s unique formula contains collagen & cysteine and allows lashes to appear much longer and fuller while being nourished.

 The Difference Between Eyelash Extensions and an Eyelash Lift

When determining which treatment is right for you, it helps to understand the difference between eyelash extensions and an eyelash lift. Eyelash extensions are made from lash-like materials. They are applied to your existing lashes using special glue. Typically, a lash extension is attached to your natural lash about 1-2 millimeters from the base of your eyelid. A complete treatment can be made up of 140 individual lashes per eye! Though tedious, the entire treatment yields fuller, longer, and darker lashes. Results can last up to four weeks, but with lash extension maintenance, you can keep your luscious lashes for much longer. 

An eyelash lift boosts your existing lashes by applying a keratin-based solution to each individual lash. The result is fuller-looking lashes that appear lifted in a semi-permanent state. Results last 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your personal lash growth cycle. If you receive an eyelash lift with tint, you will not only receive the lash boosting results of the lift but also have darker fuller-looking lashes. The tint will darken your lashes, much like mascara does, while the keratin formula curls your lashes upward. 

Eyelash lifts are compared to the eyelash perms of the past and while yes, chemicals are used on your eyelash to achieve your ideal look, the procedure is safer than traditional eyelash perms. 

How an Eyelash Lift Works

A week prior to treatment, you may want to use a conditioning serum on your lashes to optimize eyelash health. After a comprehensive consultation about your eyelash length and shape goals, your practitioner will prepare your treatment. First, your technician will clean your upper and lower eyelashes and gently separate the lashes. Then he or she will place a silicon mold (sometimes called a silicon rod) onto your closed eye, gently resting the top lashes on top of the silicon. Your eyes will be shut throughout the entire procedure, which can be unnerving for some, but many patients report the practice as relaxing.  

Once the molds are glued and the lashes are separated on top of the mold, the RefectoCil eyelash lift formula is applied to the eyelashes. After a few minutes, your technician will apply a setting solution to seal in the curl. The first serum will break down the protein in the lashes. Then the keratin solution conditions the lashes. If you choose eyelash lift with tint, a dark, safe semi-permanent dye, is applied to the lashes before a final layer of pure keratin completes the treatment. 

Your practitioner will gently remove the silicone molds, clear your face of any leftover product, brush your lashes, and send you on your way. 

The entire treatment is painless, though your eyes may tear a little at the conclusion of treatment. An eyelash lift treatment takes approximately anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Lash Lift Aftercare

Once your lash lift treatment is complete, there are a few things you will want to do to maintain your beautiful results. The first 24 hours are critical. You will need to avoid exposing your freshly lifted lashes to water for at least 24 hours. This includes showering, rain, and excessive sweating. Avoid steamy environments like the yoga studio, sauna, or beach until you’re in the clear. You will also need to avoid wearing mascara for the same duration of time. 

Once the 24 hours have passed, you can brush your lashes out gently and apply coconut oil to them. You can also use mascara on your lashes, but you might want to avoid waterproof mascara. You don’t want to dehydrate your lashes. Overall, you can expect your results to last 6 to 8 weeks. 

Lash Lift Risks

Getting an eyelash lift with tint is a very safe procedure when completed by a trained practitioner. Side effects or adverse reactions are very rare. Be sure to mention to your practitioner if your eyes are naturally sensitive or dry. Lash lifts are not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or who are on eye medication. 

If you have sensitive eyes or are prone to skin allergies, your practitioner may want to perform a small test with the eyelash lift formula to make sure you will not have a reaction to the gentle chemicals that are used. 

Benefits of an Eyelash Lash Lift with Tint

In addition to enjoying fuller, longer, and luminous lashes, there are many benefits to getting an eyelash lift.

  • Eyelash lifts enhance your existing lashes and promote natural strength and regrowth. Instead of eyelash extensions, which incorporate false eyelashes to your existing lash line, an eyelash lift works with what you have and promotes healthy eyelash growth and structure. 
  • Eyelash lifts require less maintenance than eyelash extensions. You can receive one treatment and you’re good to go until your lashes naturally fall out and begin a new growth cycle. There is no need to get maintenance treatments or reapplication within the 8 weeks as you would with eyelash extensions. 
  • Eyelash lifts last longer. Since you are enhancing what you already have, results from an eyelash lift last longer than eyelash extensions. 
  • You can eliminate the need for mascara. If you want to wear mascara, the choice is yours, but many patients go all-natural after receiving treatment. 
  • Speaking of going all-natural, eyelash lifts produce more natural-looking results than eyelash extensions. 
  • Eyelash lifts are easier than manually applying faux lashes. 
  • Eyelash lifts are cost-effective. 

Should I Get an Eyelash Lift with Tint?

You should consider getting an eyelash lift with tint if:

  • You want lashes with a longer appearance
  • You have light-colored lashes that could benefit from a tint
  • You’re tired of applying mascara each day
  • You want to ditch your eyelash curler
  • You want a more natural, luminous lash look
  • You want a low maintenance lash boost
  • You don’t want to have to commit to multiple touch-ups to maintain your look
  • You have eyelashes that are at least 4 mm in length
  • You want a treatment that will cause less harm to your existing lashes
  • You want a safe and proven treatment with minimal side effects or risks

Beauty in a Blink

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but the benefits of eyelash lift with tint are numerous (and natural). If you are still wondering if the treatment is right for you, book a consultation at First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic. Our knowledgeable and compassionate practitioners can answer any questions you may have, explain the procedure, and even show you before and after result photos. 

Loving the skin you are in should be effortless. Treat yourself to an eyelash lift and tint today to experience beauty in a blink. Remember, you are worth it!


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