Coincidentally may also marks the one year point to when I first had a biopsy taken of my arm. A few short weeks later it came back as melanoma. As a chemo nurse I had seen first hand the very harsh realities of cancer and have sat at the bedside of countless patients only to watch them succumb to this very disease. Woman, who were young, with a family just like me. Woman who were otherwise healthy. Woman who honestly thought it wasn’t even possible. I entered last summer very afraid that it could possibly be my last. I left my job as a chemo nurse to spend time with my husband and children. Two surgeries and I’ve been lucky to be cleared of it. The possibility of its return is always on the horizon and a bright sunny day will always mean something different for me. Many tears have been shed though out the year. With the help of Deborah Hart at First Impressions and her expertise I’ve learned the importance of proper and diligent skin care.

– Leslie McCarthy RN