Your initial visit will consist of a consultation which enables you to discuss your concerns and the aesthetic issues you would like addressed.  The Nurse Practitioner will address your concerns, discuss the appropriate options available for your individualized plan of care, educate you about the treatment, and answer any questions you may have to ensure informed consent prior to treatment.  If appropriate and convenient, treatment may be available at this visit.


Prior to treatment, any other questions you may have will be answered.  The consent for treatment will be reviewed and signed.  Pictures will be taken as before & after images which will guide treatment and follow-up.  These pictures will not be shared; they are for your individualized treatment only. (If you would like your photos shared, a separate consent form will be required).


You will be given post-treatment instructions specific to the treatment you received.  These instructions will be discussed, and written instructions will be given for your convenience and reference.  If there are any further questions, please ask; and if you have questions after leaving the clinic, always feel free to call.


For most treatments a two week follow-up is recommended.  You are encouraged to book this follow-up appointment prior to leaving the clinic.

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